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Types of Roulette Wheel.

bet 365 roulettePlay roulette at any casino, and you would be forgiven for thinking that it is a simple game. Just a roulette whell, a ball, a table, a dealer and players, right? But look at the wheel again. How much do you think it cost? Well, if you are in a decent casino, probably the number is in the tens of thousands. That wheel you are playing on is a piece of engineering brilliance. If it wasn't, the casino could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars from punters who are skilled in spotting tiny imperfections and biases in roulette wheels.

In 1985 a guy called Ron Shelley introduced the Huxley low profile roulette wheel into Atlantic City and Las Vegas. This changed the face of roulette over the next 2 years as casinos fell over themselves to install this new wheel which safeguarded against scammers predicting the result off small imperfections on (previously) quirky wheels.

In 1993, Ron Shelley then launched the Cammegh-TCS wheel with its roulette winning number displays into the US. There was an almost instantaneous surge in the amount people were betting (the drop) at the roulette tables. Now, almost all of the casinos in the US and Macau use Huxley/TCS/Cammegh wheels and displays.

Another world famous manufacturer of roulette wheels is a company called Cammegh. Cammegh Wheels have continued to move the goal posts for what is possible in roulette wheels- with their superior wheel technology, they have come up with a design that is maintenance free and very hard to cheat.

The latest Cammegh roulette wheels include a camera system that tracks the wheel and ball with digital readouts and an automatic ball release into the track with a variable speed option. Varying the speed of the wheel and  ball makes it more difficult for players to use a device to map where the ball will land on the wheel. It's still possible, of course, but scammers now have to build in an algorithm that predicts the variation in the ball release and wheel spin speed.

Rapid Roulette

Then there's Rapid Roulette. Often used with an automatic ball release known as a "slingshot", and an virtual dealer, it is considered a slot in some casinos.

The Best Roulette Wheels
Most roulette wheels you see at casinos today are built in England by Cammegh or TCS/Huxley. They are made so precisely that it is almost impossible to predict outcomes, particularly if the casino has the latest security systems.

The modern roulette wheel has a variable speed mechanism, a reader camera and display displaying the winning numbers and history. The wheel is secured using the latest  technology.

Who Makes the World's Roulette Wheels?
Before the 60's, it was B.C. Wills in the USA, and Caro in France, that built most of the world's roulette wheels. These were "deep pocket" wheels which were replaced in the 80's by the John Huxley "low profile" wheel which was built to protect the casinos against "section" betting.

After Huxley launched his roulette wheels onto the market, most companies went bust. Then in the 90's, Cammegh launched their wheels and today it is a 2 horse race between these 2 manufacturers.

John Huxley designed the "V" shape pocket wheel and Cammegh the "scallop" pocket wheel. Since most of the roulette scams recorded in the 20th Century were done on the old Huxley deep pocket style wheels, (which suffered from wheel wobble and other problems), this was a big step forward for the casinos.
So are there still opportuities to gain an edge over the casinos with the new wheels? Undoubtedly, but it becomes more difficult as the wheels become more 'perfect'. Advanced technology is needed.

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