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bet 365 rouletteIf you are in any way savvy, you will know that the casino has the edge in roulette (and all gambling games for that matter). What does this mean? Well, it means that on average, a casino pays out less than it takes in bets over the long term. This money is used to run its business. Online, some casinos are more roulette friendly thean others (bet365, for example, has some of the most roulette friendly bonus terms in the business)

But we are talking averages here. Not everyone who plays roulette ends their session in negative territory of course. There are winners and losers, of course. Your aim should be to leave the table as a winner- you need to have a clear idea of when you will walk away (if you have reached a certain level of profit or loss). The casino will try and make you stay at the tables for as long as possible. They know that the longer that you are there, the more likely they are to win your money.

But there are other ways that you can improve your odds at the roulette table. Have a look through the following tips and use then to try and shave that house advantage down to the bone! Give yourself the best possible chance of hitting a winning streak, and if you land one, bank the cash and end your session.

Play the Best Type of Roulette
Roulette wheels can have either 37 pockets including the zero (European Roulette) or 38 including 2 zeros (American Roulette). European Roulette has an average house advantage of  2.7 % percent while American Roulette has a house edge of 5.6 %. No guesses as to which game that we advise you to play. European Roulette! The house edge is lower.

Play the Best Bets
Just as choosing the right type of roulette increases your odds, so does choosing the right bets. Most bets in roulette have the same edge apart from a couple of notable exceptions.

Play on French Roulette wheels that operates the "La Partage" rule and you can get the house edge on your even money bets to sink even lower. The "La Partage rule" is a special payback that is triggered on even money bets in French Roulette (a version of European). If the ball lands on zero, you get half of your bet back rather than losing it. This reduces the house edge from 2.7% to 1.3%. What do we advise? Search for French Roulette Casinos online and play the even money bets! (or at least weight your play towards these). A similar rule is the "en prison" rule" If the ball lands in the zero pocket on an even money bet, your bet stays "en prison" and rides out to the next spin. You get another go, in other words, which also means that the house edge is reduced to 1.3%. Again search out these casinos and take advantage!

On the other side of the coin, the roulette bet to avoid, ie the worst roulette bet, is the five number bet that covers 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 on a double zero American Roulette wheel.
The house edge is a hefty 7.9%, around 50% higher than the average American Roulette house edge. You shouldn´t be playing American Roulette anyway, if you are heeding our advice. but if you do, DONT play the five number bet!

The Best Roulette Bet
That would be an even money bet on a French Roulette table that offers either "La Partage" or "en prison". See above.

Manage your Bankroll
In roulette, as with any game of chance, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you manage your money. Play the bets with the best odds and make sure you have decided on a limit to your profits and your losses. You should know in advance when you are going to walk away from the table. Don´t decide on the fly! Try and hit a winning streak and then head off when it comes off the boil. This is a technique that is often used by High Rollers: the so called Hit and Run, or Smash and Grab strategy. Think of yourself as a Special Forces operative. Get in their quick. Make a killing. Get out quick! Don´t hang around in the Mess!

Roulette Systems
There are many roulette systems that have been devised over the years in roulette. We have a whole section here on which has free roulette systems in it. Just rememeber that a roulette system will never fundamentally alter the odds of roulette. but it may be worth using one to make your play more "systematic" and methodical.

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