About us

First of all, welcome to OnlineRouletter.com and thank you for visiting us!

We set this site up in 2008 to showcase the best casinos for playing online roulette.
Roulette is our favourote game, and we have always found it somewhat frustrating that many online casinos are geared to slots players (I guess they make more money if you play slots).

We found that the bonuses were all geared to slots players, the new games were focused on slots and all the loyalty promotions favoured people who played on slots. So for example, you might see a promotion for a 100% bonus match at a casino (say up to a maximum of £200). Sounds good, doesn't it? Well, it probably is ok if you play slots, but if you want to play roulette, you might find that the wagering restrictions are so strict, that you would be able to meet them playing roulette, and thus would be unable to withdraw any winnings.

But note we said "many online casinos" and not "all online casinos".

At onlinerouletter.com, we try and highlight casinos that play fair to roulette players- casinos that don't carry wagering restrictions that are too onerous, or penalise roulette players unnecessarily. You will never get the same terms as a slot player, as the house edge on slots is higher than roulette (ie they make mor money from slots players). But you should be able to find ethically run casinos here that don't discriminate.

This site is owned and operating by Mico 8 Ltd, which is a comapny based in Malta, in the EU (we are based here because many of the casinos that we review and play on are based here). We have a number of casino review sites, and our philosophy is to try and provide clear comparisons between casinos and information about roulette so that players who visit us can make an informed choice as to where to play.

We hope you enjoy the site! if you would like to contact us about anything on the site, or you are interesting in advertising with us, please use the email address below.